What is askole?

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, the emergence of AI and machine learning, and the campaign against technology hijacking our attention all point to a critical moment for Silicon Valley. Now more than ever, technologists need to think hard about bigger cultural, ethical, and political questions. 

Founded by practical philosopher Andrew Taggart, Askole (ah-SKO-lay), LLC, is philosophy for C-level executives and teams. 

C-level executives need to learn how to think clearly about matters that go beyond tech. About their judgments, their responsibilities, and the consequences of their actions.

And teams need to learn how to unravel the perplexities--personal as well as team-wide--that they keep getting caught in. 

Askole offers both.



We help C-level executives and small teams wake up to what they're taking for granted.



Andrew is the real deal, a rare mix of accessible wisdom and actionable insights. He's a major part of my own development, my pursuit of wisdom, and my mental well-being. I'm honoured to work with him and, more importantly, to call him a friend.

Daniel Eberhard, CEO, KOHO

Andrew has very much changed how I see the world, and myself. His compassionate mind, clarity of thinking, and breadth of knowledge have been transformative for me. Our inquiries have helped me see my own anxieties, biases, and personal narratives in a way I never had before. As a result, I have improved my relationships with my wife, my family and friends, and my team. Our conversations manage to be relevant both practically and existentially in ways that every time we speak surprise me.

Founder and Managing Partner of NYC-based Venture Capital Fund

When I was a hard-charging finance executive at BlackRock, I didn't have the time--let alone the tools or the desire--to examine my life. On paper, my life was great: I had a healthy family, a good income, and high profile job. But inside I was never at peace.

Andrew entered my life serendipitously via an article I read about him on Quartz; he's had a profoundly positive impact on my life ever since. Our conversations, which are both intense and often uncomfortable, help me to surface, understand, and challenge many deeply held beliefs I hold about myself. And he does all this with such a wonderful balance of rigor, empathy, and humor.

Andrew's unique background lets us look closely at issues from a wide variety of angles. His ability to combine academic theory, philosophy, history, religion, and meditation with his own experience as an entrepreneur make for rich and often surprising conversations.

Over time, our conversations have quieted the voices in my head and brought clarity to my thinking, both of which have made me a better entrepreneur, father, and husband.

Khe Hy, RadReads Founder, Former Managing Director at BlackRock


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